• Linkedin : Demerval Amorim

  • DDA was founded in 2007 to develop Coaxial Cable (TV / Internet )beneficiation activities for American Co. and thermoplastic recycling activities of patchwork - Cable kits. Telecommunication segment.

  • In 2012, DDA began a project to build a co-extrusion line of thermoplastic elastomeric with two or three hardness of materials. With a managed TEAM CENTER (Projects, Co-design and Simulation) and based on software instruments used in the automotive segment, we can fabricate prototypes in production scale withim low cost on the industrial manufacturing scale.

  • 35 + years of  experience acquired by working with first class technological applications in Rubber and  Thermoplastic extrusion at international companies in industrial technology transfer

  • In 2016 , own place acquisition.  

  • 2019 Start Architecture and Design for house 


Tecnologia de Ponta das Pistas para:

Automóveis, Prédios , Barcos, Moveis e seu Conforto

Perfis Termoplasticos Elastomericos para Parabrisas e Portas



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